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First Glances – Fox&Forest

Fox&Forest is the latest solo guise for Belgian musician Emmanuelle Meurice. I first knew Emma via her work with the prodigiously talented Nicola Testa. At that time she was very busy, having founded a promotional agency as well as being involved in various collaborations. Emma is one of those people who I call a ‘friend to music’, working quietly, but tirelessly in the background, connecting the right people without a thought for self-promotion. It’s great to see her back at the sharp end again, making music.

From initial snippets Fox&Forest strikes my mind as a subtle blend of alt-folk, quirky vocals and electronics. Compositions span indie, choral, chamber and folk-pop. The music is hushed and fragile yet loaded with suspense. There is an EP called Signs coming very soon.

For fans of Sol Seppy, Plum, Fossil Collective etc.

Listen now on Soundcloud