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First Glances – Jeff Runnings

Jeff Runnings is the frontman for Nebraska-based dream-pop act For Against. This summer he unveils his first solo album, Primitives and Smalls. As is often the case with band-leader side-projects, the results are certain to please existing fans. Same voice, same tastes, same ideas, same ideals. Going solo can be liberating in one sense and a huge responsibility in another, yet I for one have no doubts about this upcoming release. Jeff was kind enough to tease me with some demos before Christmas and I was quietly blown away. That Jeff trusted [sic] Magazine with such a coup is a blessing and I confess every fibre in me wanted to scream it to the world. However a promise made is a promise kept and, at last, now I am able to tease you guys not with a demo, but a fully fledged track from the album. This is ‘Outside Oslo’:_

Primitives and Smalls. is being released by Saint Marie Records on May 6th.

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