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“Renegade – The Lives And Tales Of Mark E. Smith” (Book Review)

Reviewed By The Indie Dad

Heard Mark E. Smith had done an autobiography. Sound that, had to have it. Could have gone and bought it straight away too. That’s what they’d do today, easy way as always. Nah, not me… Christmas coming, I’ll ask for it then. Bloody forgot… well nobody’s perfect and the Robert Crumb Blues book I got instead was right on the money. Never forget the working man’s music. Anyway, soon enough, it’s in the second hand book shop… seven quid. They just don’t know the value of things these days. But you do what you have to do.

So at last I’m reading it, train back from London, full of twats, some kids… think they’re in a band, what do they know. And it’s chronological…well after the first chapter anyway. Can’t wait to get the knife out, see? First chapter he just lays in to his last band members. Total vindictive strike, no quarter given even if it was asked for. They left him in America, just couldn’t take it – like playing for a couple of hours a night was proper graft. Silly really, so they needed taking care of. Fair enough.

The story is interesting, as it goes – bit of insight. Unconventional babysitting technique called Japanese Prisoner Of War Camp, he’s related to that Hookey character in “Zulu”, clerical work at the docks, did acid to avoid sherry drinking “clubs”. Did some Tarot reading… didn’t have him pegged as mystic.



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