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Funckarma – Vell Vagranz

Dutch brothers Funckrama serve up a slice of eerie, experimental electronics with their latest collection Vell Vagranz. This is a break in recent traditions of n5MD, a throwback of sorts, as it is a return to pure, undiluted IDM. No soul-searching, no attempt to cross genres. This is specialist stuff. In fact this is special, period.

Funckarma are very cybernetic, very WARP. Mechanical rhythms compete with organic melodies. (Most of the time the organic melodies get their collective asses kicked.) Relentless, whiplash beats and crunches like snow beneath a Caterpillar™ all converge to give the impression that machine is winning out over nature in this particular struggle. And yet it isn’t remotely inhuman. On the contrary, Vell Vagranz is muscular and sensual. This music would not find itself out of place in a movie score or gaming. Thinks: ‘Something cyberpunk I reckon; only it would have to be grown up cyberpunks. Cyberpunks who’ve seen a bit of life – gray stubble, sinewy muscles and a hot girlfriend’. (Cough) maybe I should leave the visuals to the experts?

IDM and dubstep are currently both popular and populated genres. Funckarma take aspects of both and twist them. Check their ace website (link below) I hear traces of reggae, dub and jazz but most profoundly drum and bass. The music is often edgy and sinister. Dubstep it may be but you don’t wish to get the wrong side of Vell Vagranz for fear it might slip cold steel between your ribs.
And give it a twist.