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CCR Headcleaner – Tear Down The Wall

CCR Headcleaner make rock ‘n’ roll that smells of cigarettes and hard liquor, cheap grease staining its fingers and fabric. You know they’re bad for your health but, come each sundown, you’ll again be drawn together as the best of friends. There’s a knowing degree of masochism in enjoying their dangerous stoner chug and tortured punk-rock, but it all just feels so good it’s hard to remember the safe-word for any kind of early exit.

Tear Down The Wall is aptly reflective of its artwork, too, the heavy product of anarchic hippies, a Bay Area five-piece with a eight-bullet chamber ready to defend itself via the force-feeding of chunky buzz-saw riffs (this is a band who have toured with FUZZ, remember), spacey whooshes and scuzzy psychedelic melodies warping the trip.

Born from the ashes of Georgia band Long Legged Woman, CCR Headcleaner are outsiders, their punishing art running throughout with a short fuse. They keep you on your toes, unsure when they’ll next lash out. Peel back the grime, though, and there’s a classic-rock band in here somewhere, the ghost of Sabbath, for example, swept up in the ferocious filth of their incoming tsunami of speaker-blown cones.

With track times ranging from two minutes to seven, it’s two mid-length cuts that stand out. “Peace Dub” is anything but, a dirty squall full of feedback and reverb, rasping vocals interwoven with an unstoppable wail. The title track also is an angry jackhammer of noise, pedal effects distorting the stream of sludge into droning dissonance. As a pair, they’re your place to sit as the world burns with no promise you won’t get caught up in the flames.

Best track: “Peace Dub”

~Tear Down The Wall will be released 17th June 2016 via In The Red.~