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First Glances – The April Seven

The April Seven is the latest collaborative venture for Patrick Fitzgerald (of Stephen Hero and Kitchens Of Distinction fame) Patrick, who has worked with Tanya Donelly and David McAlmont among many, this time teams up with Paul Frederick from The Family Cat. Patrick described the new project as a welcome role-reversal for him since it is Paul who wrote and performed lyrics on upcoming album Pop Tarkovsky. Patrick this time helmed the musical arrangements.

“This is pop music. Dark pop. Weird pop. Tarkovksy pop. Music made by middle-aged men who used to love pop music and still do. With an eyebrow coquettishly raised to 1972 to 1981 to 1989 and to the pop machines of now they remember the urgency and importance of Top of the Pops on Thursday nights. Employing unconventional structures and, much like Tarkovsky himself, exploring themes of self-reflection and memories this album comprises 8 new songs”

We will bring you the album asap.

Here’s a taster: