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First Glances – Former Bullies

Former Bullies have been around the Manchester music scene for over a decade. Aside from cursory festival appearances I don’t think we have covered them in [sic] yet.

Did I just say “Covered them in [sic]”? That came out wrong. Apologies.

Can we start over?

After being a pairing for many years Former Bullies are currently the trio of Nick Ainsworth, Matthew Taylor and Tom Settle. They label themselves ‘indiepop’ and it’s a decent enough signpost. Theirs is indie in the traditional, lo-fi, shambling sense. No guitar solos here, no structural bridges, no……length. Just a succession of fuzzed out, winsome jangles about unrequited love. This is late 80s Peel, early Creation territory. Whilst new album Stranger is at times Beatlesque, you suspect The Pastels or Field Mice may be more relevant references.

11 Track album Stranger is released February 24th on the Towed By The Ghost label.