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Power – Electric Glitter Boogie

Originally released in 2015 on Cool Death Records, Power’s Electric Glitter Boogie is a debut that rocks so hard it’ll still be ringing in the ears of anyone that heard it at the time and, ensuring it reaches the wider audience it deserves, muscular music mecca In The Red are now re-releasing it. Comprising members of the metal and HXC leaning Gutter Gods, Dribble, Soma Coma, Leather Lickers and Krömosom, the Power three-piece are a band out of time, a throwback to the late 60s/early 70s in some regards, the crustiest parts of the early 80s in others.

Recorded live with minimal overdubs, Electric Glitter Boogie is raw but fun – a halfway house-cum-squat for those already clued up on the likes of Melbourne city-mates Miss Destiny and Sydney’s killer White Dog. Unafraid of lengthy jams, the running order rolls as much it rocks, contracting for incandescent rippers pushed to their limits by spiky guitar and expanding languidly to accommodate supercharged glam statements. White-knuckle thrash head-bangs at such speed that everything is rendered a total blur, guitarist Nathan Williams’ howling vocal caught in the destructive flow, rasping like Iggy fronting Motörhead on the odd occasion it doesn’t.

With little care for genre, Electric Glitter Boogie is unified by its volume, bluesy cut “The Reaper”, for example, simultaneously funky thanks to Isaac Ishadi’s wandering basswork and turbo-fired by its high voltage guitar. Most comfortable in searing proto-punk, however, the electric title track starts with a shouted spoken-word just like the MC5, Matt ‘Penky’ Penkethman’s manic drum fills pitting their wits against a bass groove to form the backbone of the track’s rifftacular chug, feedback peaks leading a blitzkrieg bombardment onslaught. Remember it’s 2017 now, but Power don’t care. They haven’t heard a record since Damaged in 1981. Turn Electric Glitter Boogie up to 11 and you might not hear anything ever again either.

Best track: “Electric Glitter Boogie”

~The re-released version of Electric Glitter Boogie is out now via In The Red.~