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Electric Moon – Stardust Ritual

Electric Moon make real psychedelia at its finest. Their space-rock reaches new heights on Stardust Rituals, taking the listener on a visionary journey. The music evokes Ganesha dancing upon psychedelic mushrooms consumed by the light of the full moon. Electric Moon is from Germany, the birth place of krautrock. They have several live releases that capture their improvised acid-rock explorations. This studio album seems to perfectly capture the essence of their live energy, but with more structure and hi-fi sound quality.

Honestly, this is the album I have always wanted from these incredible innovators. ‘The Loop’ starts the journey in the eye of the storm. It slowly builds and vocals circle the scene in pastoral dream-scapes. The trajectory of this song is a steady build to full cosmic immersion.‘Stardust (The Picture)’ has a tribal rhythm and repeating, heavy stoner-rock guitar riffs. The vocals softly echo while the riptide of instrumental glory reigns below. Filtered guitar solos screams through a wind tunnel of psychedelic sound. The wild and edgy composition takes the listener on an intense 10-minute journey. ‘Astral Hitch Hike’ has a tempura and sitar that ritualistically open the gateway to the astral realms: a soundscape inhabited with crystalline structures coating the surface of a distant moon.

‘(You Will) Live Forever Now’ fills the second half of the album. Beginning with an ambient atmosphere like a field at night with cricket songs and the moon rising. Sitar and droning tones guide the musical travellers toward the stars. The guitar comes in with a lightly over-driven tone slowly building tension and drive. Chanting vocals and new instrumentation come full on in lysergic waves. It moves into deeper, trippy psych-rock. The guitar goes into full screeching filtered tones, wailing like a cosmic siren. It moves back into dreamy synths and a slower steady groove evoking interstellar consciousness melting across the fabric of reality.

This album is a must have for space-rock fans.

Electric Moon is:

Sula Bassana on guitars, sitar and keyboards

Marcus Schnitzleron drums

Komet Lulu on bass and vocals

Stardust Rituals: Recorded, mixed and produced by Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt)

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