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First Glances – Carousel Clouds

Less a tight-knit band in the traditional sense and more a revolving cast – or carousel – of musicians and collaborators, the Salford-based Carousel Clouds ensemble has so far involved members of largely local indie outfits Mr Heart, Bonebox, LIINES, Optional Wallace, GULF, Tom Hingley, ill, A.A.A.K and Monroe Hips. Today the five-piece comprises Neil Meehan (guitar/lead vocals), Tamsin Middleton (vocals), Ben Mulvey (keyboards/vocals), Matt Anderson (drums), Dickon Kyme-Wright (guitar) and, fresh from getting some love on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music show, their “entrancing” and intriguingly titled debut single – “Invisible Lines” – is now finally here.

Musical sponges to a man/woman, they happily concede to being influenced by “everything we have ever listened to”, specialising all the same in the indie-indebted yet varied hunting grounds of the likes of Oceansize, Spiritualized, Lanterns on the Lake, The Cooper Temple Clause, Daughter and The Mars Volta. Consequently, “Invisible Lines” is a little bit shoegaze, a little bit prog/post-rock and a little bit neo-psych without fully embracing any of these rich dynasties. Interested in themes of “life, conflict, existentialism, death, anxiety, and spiritualism”, the track is dominated by a series of carefully picked acoustic chords that are prettily centred in the dreamy mix. Harsh percussion leads to melancholy swells and lightly droning surges, still waters running deep around the gravitational pull of Meehan’s alluring choruses and melodious bridges. An art in itself, the whole thing is packaged in three-minute pop format for bite-sized consumption, a satisfying mouthful that’ll only leave you wanting more.

~”Invisible Lines” will be released July 7th 2017 via Ranch Records. Get down to The Eagle Inn in Salford July 7th 2017 to be a part of its launch party. An album will follow late 2017.~