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Luke Daniels – Singing Ways to Feel More Junior

“This look fun”, I says to the Spaceman over a swift ‘arf – the first thing that springs out of the press release is “genius” – that’s got to make for an entertaining review. “Music for grown-ups everywhere” is says. Hmm. Well grown-ups like their lyric sheets to be spellchecked, and like the words to pop out and tell a story. Not to be sort of half mumbled with the backing vocals lost in overproducton.

Folk, as a genre, really ought to have some sort of genuine tradition to it and be raw and pure. This makes me think of Chas’n’Dave doing One Direction covers. Except Chas’n’Dave are much better lyricists and One Direction get people to write them better songs.

Do I really want to listen to another song?


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