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First Glances – Hollywood Bedsheets

Hollywood Bedsheets are a Brussels (Nivelles)- based alt rock act comprising members from the United States as well as native Belgians. The quartet(?) bonded over a mutual love of classic rock and psychedelia (Beatles, Floyd) but sprinkle more contemporary influences into the mix. I detect power-pop, grunge and alt rock leanings here. Indie, even. Washington (State)-born frontman Bryce Kingsley suitably approximates compatriot Ben Gibbard at times and the band’s love for Death Cab shines through particularly on material such as ‘Move Mountains’. Yet for all that, Hollywood Bedsheets aren’t limited to indie pop, nor defined by any of the acts I’ve mentioned here. They seem to have wider ambitions than that. Debut album Upstairs Arrangement is neither lo-fi, nor derivative. The songs are crafted and melodic, the arrangements (no pun intended) bold, sweeping and unabashed. There are riffs everywhere. As I understand it the band have only been together since 2016? If that’s so, the progression has been staggering.

Ones to keep tabs on.

Hollywood Bedsheets are Bryce • Gauthier • Nick • Sam.

The album Upstairs Arrangement is out now.


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