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HC-B – Hot Afternoon In The Bulls’ Square

A little too wired to be metronomic, similar to Helmet without the Metal Guitars, a basic drum beat pins down an instrumental that is layered with horns rather than guitar. Some times this is like Hawkwind’s Nik Turner playing Free Jazz over the bass line, sometimes more like Dexy’s horn section with a muffler.

Then it occurs to me this excellent instrumental, a taster of the forthcoming album is like nothing so much as the exceptional band Morphine. Different too, of course. More Jazz, Baby. No vocals. But the smoky smak basement is evident in the almost elegiac horns atop the marshal beat, everyone in shades mourning and celebrating in the same moment. A glorious entrance to a wider world of HC-B. I’m now primed for an albums worth. It’s on free download till March 3rd at the label page.



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