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Editors – Violence

Editors – Violence
Written by Mark Reed

A band you should love more than you do.

Album six from Editors is the visceral, uncompromising ‘Violence’ that – from the cover image on- expresses a clear identity: the new lineup, and addition of a permanent keyboardist five years ago, has expanded their palette and allowed them to fulfill their full potential. The band are a different beast from what they were – a thoughtful, pulsing band that marry a propelling groove to a dramatic and powerful vision ; if anything, the band sound like they are pushing hope uphill in a rainstorm, in a constant battle between determination and dreariness.

The band that made the miserable jangle-pop of ‘Munich’ is gone, near enough. They’re not forgotten or overlooked, but they aren’t here anymore, and this is not that band. The songs are denser, wider, older and smarter. They are old beyond their years, and in songs like ‘Cold’ and ‘Nothingness’ the band are painting with all the colours and using the whole alphabet of sound.

There’s an element, albeit brief, of retrospection – in so much as 2010’s oddity ‘No Sound But The Wind’ is represented here in a completely rethought way ; it’s the same song, but utterly different. It’s a triumphant record, in so much as not only do the band still exist, and are still true to themselves, but also that age and time will not dull the blade.

There is no band whose path I am reminded of more than New Order. The absence of a key member, a new musical direction, and a confident growth into age is perhaps one of the strands that have made Editors a band that have grown with me.

I’ve seen some disparaging comments about how they’ve gone ‘pop’; because the band have changed, because they’re not a 2005 era Indie Pop band sealed in formaldehyde, endlessly eating their own creative tail. We change. Bands change. The world changes. We move on. We grow up. We grow into ourselves. Editors are always in a state of becoming, in a state of evolving, always looking for the next step, the next move. ‘Welcome Home’, is a key refrain from the closing song – ‘Belong’ – and this is perhaps a key theme. In everything they do, Editors are trying to find their home.

This is another solid, powerful album by an under-rated band you should love more than you do.

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