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The Twilight Sad – New music.

We have an on-going featurette at [sic] which we call First Glances. It is, as it sounds, a first look at fresh new acts, or new/side projects by established artists. You have arrived at the polar opposite of a First Glance. We’d have to call this featurette ‘sustained, continuous focus’, ‘gazing longingly at’ or somesuch.

We just love The Twilight Sad here at [sic] Magazine.

In recent years the Kilsyth act have racked up two Editors albums of the year (the last two studio albums proper) whilst re-issuing their landmark debut album for Record Store Day.
Since Òran Mór Session the ‘Sad’ have fallen quiet from a creative perspective although, as has been widely reported, the band have been touring intensively as the support act for The Cure. Hand-picked by Robert Smith, no less. Smith fell for the band in a big way and even covered ‘There’s A Girl In The Corner’ from Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave.

The Twilight Sad were again invited to be a part of The Cure’s 40th Anniversary shindig in Hyde Park as part of British Summertime Festival. As is the norm for ‘the Sad’ in a live setting, they went down…. rather well. Those Cure slots have had a profound effect on the boys. Far from fledglings already, the Sad were able to witness true mainstays of post punk deliver night after night to an adoring crowd. They themselves would have sucked in new fans as a result but more than this, the learning curve would have been steep and challenging. A band and singer whose stagecraft was already compelling in its own unique way have simply gone onto another level as a live act.

I have the impression that they are on the threshold of something spectacular.

More recently, the band have parted company with long time drummer Mark Devine. I was keen to see in which direction they might go musically, following the heavy touring. Here we have our first clue in the form of ‘I/m Not Here [missing face]’ which is the first new material that the band are allowing us to hear officially. ‘I/m Not Here [missing face]’ feels like a Mogwai songtitle which is apt as The Sad have just signed to the Rock Action label. Having followed Stuart Braithwaite for years, both career wise and on social media, I can attest to the fact that the boys will be in good hands.

The fifth album will be released in January 2019.

Here’s ‘I/m Not Here [missing face]’

Tell us what you think.

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