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The Lost Patrol – Redemption

Redemption is the latest release from New York act The Lost Patrol, their first (under the TLP moniker) for over four years. This, however, was no idle hiatus. While singer Mollie Israel found time to focus on motherhood, creative mainstay Stephen Masucci kept himself typically busy with the Ella Atlas and The Lovely Intangibles projects. Both affiliated acts carried the torch admirably while TLP were on the back burner. All three can be considered separate stars within a very distinct Masucci universe. His is a world of cinematic dream-pop, infused with siren vocals and signature surf guitars, a world you’d never tire of revisiting.

Great news, then, to have TLP back with this four-track EP, which also includes two remixes. Opening track ‘Some Other Time’ has an ‘end of the pier’ vibe with its Wurlitzer keys. This is faded seaside glamour, an Art Deco glimpse of what the future looked like a century ago. Next up, ‘Your Own Medicine’ is probably the EP’s most interesting composition. Here the gentlest of rat tat percussion pushes this hazy piece forward toward This Mortal Coil territories sprinkled with a dash of Beach House. ‘Don’t Cry’ brings us back to quintessential TLP. It is the first of two tracks also to feature remixes by F Tetaz (the other being ‘It’s Time’). Both tracks could fit easily on previous TLP records. “It’s time for a change”, Israel intones without a shred of irony on the EP’s closing song. It really isn’t guys. Classic, trademark TLP is what we wanted and is exactly what we get here.

Early TLP reviews were never more than a heartbeat away from a Julie Cruise, or Cocteau Twins reference. Well-meaning studies in pigeonholing. We at [sic] magazine have grown up alongside the band and we’ve borne witness to the surefooted evolution of the band’s back catalogue. While I do understand those, lets face it, lofted comparisons, I also feel that TLP have long left that behind. They’re out on their own now. They’re the reference point.


Ella Atlas

The Lovely Intangibles