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The Longcut – Popic (Maps Remix)

Manchester band The Longcut release their new single ‘Popic’ on 9th November. As one of the standout tracks from their recent album Arrows, the song has been remixed and completely reworked by Maps (aka James Chapman), who has previously also remixed tracks from Depeche Mode, Moby and M83.

If anything, the track is a more blissed-out version of the original recording which features on the album. The euphoric “It’s all happening, it’s all happening” line remains intact, however the instrumentation and overall feel of the song is distinctly more chilled out and adds a vital new dimension to The Longcut’s sound. ‘Popic’ is a central highlight on Arrows – an energetic, punch-the-air moment of glory – and this reworking rubber stamps the claim that The Longcut are constantly developing, morphing and unafraid to try out new ideas and different ways of recording.

Maps was given the choice of reworking any track from the album and ‘Popic’ was enthusiastically selected. The result is a definitive slice of sunshine which sounds just fabulous. Maps has succeeded in taking the central premise of the track and making it sound simply ‘bigger’ and more ‘widescreen’. The Longcut liked the result so much that they’ve decided to release it as a single in its own right.

Popic (Maps Remix) is available digitally now.