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[sic] Writer Team Albums Of 2018


Gavin Fearnley:


1. The WideParamount
2. Low Double Negative
3. Wild NothingIndigo
4. DrahlaA Compact Cassette
5. OvluvTru
6. The Ocean PartyThe Oddfellows’ Hall
7. The Summer KillsLast Night We Became Swans
8. Ocean HopeDevotion
9. AufGettimed
10. Gruff RhysBablesberg

Nathan Rose:


1. Kikagaku MoyoMasana Temples
2. VibravoidLive at Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018
3. SleepThe Sciences
4. VibravoidVibrations From The Cosmic Void
5. La LuzFloating Features
6. Wooden ShjipsV
7. Vive La VoidVive La Void
8. BombinoDeran
9. Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraisiso U.F.O.Electric Dream Ecstasy
10. Oh SeesSmote Reverser
11. SleepLeagues Beneath
12. Dead Can DanceDionysus
13. Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraisiso U.F.O.Reverse of Rebirth
14. Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5

(No ‘joint’ No 10’s for Nathan. He just flat out cheats!)

Tim Clarke:


1. LomaLoma
2. Ned ColletteOld Chestnut
3. MoonfaceThis One’s for the Dancer & This One’s for the Dancer’s Bouquet
4. KilchhoferThe Book Room
5. RosaliTrouble Anyway
6. Ian William CraigThresholder
7. epic45Through Broken Summer
8. Sleep DecadeCollapse
9. Eiko IshibashiThe Dreams My Bones Dream
10. r benyEistla

Brett Spaceman:


1. The Summer KillsLast Night We Became Swans
2. Kathryn Josephfrom when i wake the want is
3. The Boxer RebellionGhost Alive
4. Boy Is Fiction + Ghosts oF Tyto AlbaA Single Beam Of Light
5. City Calm DownEchoes In Blue.
6. VillagersThe Art of Pretending to Swim
7. The 1975A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships,
8. epic45Through Broken Summer
9. Young FathersCocoa Sugar
10. HammockUniversalis

Rob Gannon:


1. BlacklabUnder The Strawberry Moon 2.0
2. SvalbardIt’s Hard To Have Hope
3. UniformThe Long Walk
4. IDLES Joy As An Act Of Resistance
5. ShameSongs Of Praise
6. The BodyI Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer
7. NothingDance On The Blacktop
8. Lucy DacusHistorian
9. Gnod Chapel Perilous
10. LowDouble Negative

Paul Lockett

1. epic45‘Through Broken Summer’
2. Olan Mill‘Curves’
=3. My Autumn Empire‘Oh, Leaking Universe’
=3. Field Harmonics‘Corpsing’
5. Sweet Billy Pilgrim‘Wapentak’
6. Shame‘Songs Of Praise’
7. Wil Bolton‘Viridian Loops’
8. The Boxer Rebellion‘Ghost Alive’
9. Kina Grannis‘In The Waiting’
10. The Declining Winter‘Belmont Slope’

The Indie Dad

1/ShameSongs Of Praise
2/IdlesJoy As An Act Of Resistance
3/ Lice It All Worked Out Great Vol 1 & 2 (technically 2 EPs but hey).
5/SuedeThe Blue Hour
6/Lil PeepCome Over When You’re Sober Pt 1 & 2
7/Our GirlStranger Today
8/Trevor Moss & Hannah LouFair Lady London
9/WarmdascherWhale City
10/Radiophonic WorkshopPossum OST

(End Of Year Nostradamus prophecy – Black Midi will make the album of 2019)

Neil Meehan

Arctic MonkeysTranquillity Base Hotel & Casino
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubWrong Creatures
Goat GirlGoat Girl
Liines Stop – Start
MansunAttack Of The Grey Lantern
Mull Historical SocietyWakelines
Primal ScreamGive Out but Don’t Give Up (The Original Memphis Recordings)
Shame Songs Of Praise
SpiritualizedAnd Nothing Hurt
VennartTo Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea

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