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2018 Artists Picks – Christopher Sky

[sic] asked some of our favourite artists for their album picks of 2018. The results, as always, were sporadic and wonderful.

We hope that you enjoy this series of feature articles. You will find the lists and thoughts of the artists below as well as a sprinkling of videos from their selections.

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Christopher Sky

I’m Christopher Sky and here is a look at my top albums of 2018. This year was full of very amazing moments, including touring Europe and of course the release of “Vastness” on Aagoo Records. I’ve complied a list of my favorite records of this year for [sic] Magazine and what I enjoyed about them.

Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott – Shape Memory

I really enjoyed the Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott collaboration. I’ve played this record a lot since its release and really enjoy the simplicity and textures on this record. I also loved their use of space and subtle movements.

Nils Frahm – All Melody

I think this record might make it on a lot of these lists. Nils really took what he was good at and evolved and made a great record. The use of more synthesizers and rhythms combined with his already iconic sound really made this a very unique record.

Chihei Hatakeyama – Afterimage

I just recently heard this new record from Chihei Hetakeyama right before I went on tour in Europe and it provided the best soundtrack for my travels. I’ve always loved his use of pedals and space, it’s always been inspiring to me. I’ve really enjoyed most of his work but this new album took it somewhere else. It’s very angelic and contemplative.

Ólafur Arnalds – re:member

Been a fan of Ólafur for sometime now and love all of his work. This new record is very rhythmic but keeps the fundamental Ólafur Arnalds sound. Been on rotation for a while and probably will continue to be played.

Fennesz – Station One

Christian Fennesz’s body of work is extensive and always inspiring. From the sounds he creates to his overall aesthetic. I strive to be that prolific. He’s been a big influence on me and this little two song single is no different. Subtle movements with creative production.

Hammock – Universalis

Hammock always has a way of creating huge atmospheres. This album is just beautiful it really engulfs the listener with beauty and blissful nostalgia. Im a sucker for post-rock and shoegaze music. The way that Hammock uses their reverb and delays are so tastefully. Makes me miss playing in a post-rock band.

Ann Annie – massif

Anne Annie captures some really great sounds on this record. I really enjoy that the album was created on modular synths. Never thought that a modular synth could sound so serine. Very beautiful compositions with a minimalistic approach.

The Sight Below – Glider 10

This is a rework of The Sight Below’s album “Glider” but its just as intriguing. this album has this driving bass drum that just pulses in the background of these beautiful ambient pieces. Perfect for a night drive.

Taylor Dupree – Fallen

Taylor Dupree makes very surreal songs that I find myself day dreaming with. The album fallen is a beautiful piece of art. I enjoy the slowed tape manipulations and sample choices. Very amazing sounds and textures.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Async Remodels

Ryuichi Sakamoto has been a huge influence in my life. I grew up listening to him, my uncle Jorge made me a cassette of the Last Emperor Soundtrack as a child and it complete altered my trajectory as a musician. You would think after 28 years I’d get over his work or just be nostalgic on one or two specific albums but he just recreates himself and re-inspires me from his solo work to his collaborative work. Its all very good and the Async Remodels is no acceptation. Amazing remixers working on an amazing album.


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