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2018 Artists Picks – Buildings and Food

[sic] asked some of our favourite artists for their album picks of 2018. The results, as always, were sporadic and wonderful.

We hope that you enjoy this series of feature articles. You will find the lists and thoughts of the artists below as well as a sprinkling of videos from their selections.

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Buildings and Food (aka Jen K. Wilson)

Thanks very much to [sic] Magazine for inviting me to offer a list of my top 10 Favourite Albums of 2018. 2018 was a significant year for me as an artist, as I released the debut album from my current project: Buildings and Food. The album, entitled Quick Beat Save is currently enjoying success on the campus and community radio charts in Canada and was voted #126 on the Best 410 albums of 2018 by NBT Music Radio, which was a great honour for me. 2018 saw so many great releases; here are my top ten faves of the year:

10. Cat Power – Wanderer

I am always moved by Chan Marshall’s vocals – this is a haunting, melancholy collection of songs.

9. Cat Power – Theory of Colours – Versions EP

Nice remixes of tracks from the 2017 album entitled Theory of Colours.

8. Marmalakes – Don’t Stop

Great catchy, warm, indie pop tunes.

7. Underworld – DRIFT Episode 1: DUST

More uplifting recordings from the masters of my drum & bass heart.

6. Dntel – Hate in my Heart

Not the most accessible album by Jimmy Tamborello but I am always excited to hear what this guy has to offer. This album is loaded with intriguing and captivating noodling.

5. General Gruff X Purveyors of Free Will – General Purv

Really cool album from fellow Canadians; straight to my art-heart with catchy sounds and clever rhythms.

4. Belle & Sebastian – How to Solve our Human Problems Parts 1-3

Another great release from this perpetually evolving band; the same great songwriting as always with new sound treatments to keep the band sounding fresh.

3. Yo La Tengo – There’s a Riot Going On

Packed with delicious hypnotic recordings.

2. Fieldworks – The National Road

Stuart Hyatt’s field recordings made as he walked along a single street in Indianapolis provide a framework for some amazing sonic landscapes.

1. The Ocean Party – The Oddfellows’ Hall

Always genuine, humble and true. Particularly significant on my list due to the tragic loss of their band member, Zac Denton this year. This album has a coherent sound from start to finish; beautifully constructed melodies and chord progressions with feelings to spare.


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