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2018 Artists Picks – Moist

Best of 2018 by Moist (David Elfström Lilja)

2018. I have as always listened to a lot of Icelandic music ’cause the electronic (and music) scene in Reykjavik blows me away so at the top is a band that not many have heard about. Otherwise, my top 10 is very electronic, cause I love electronic music. I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio listening to my own stuff and finally released my second album “Lavine” after years of chaos and tears. But I had time to enjoy more stuff. These are the albums I will take with me into 2019 and enjoy for a long time.


I saw aYia at Iceland Airways two years ago and was blown away. Had to wait two years for the album. Love it!

Marie DavidsonWorking Class Woman

This French-Canadian musician from Montreal make just pure electronic perfection.

Sister ElectraBeautiful Music For A Sad World

Swedish Sister Electra is one of my favourite Swedish artists at the moment. Crazy talented (also check out his Brotherhood goth project).

Black Moth Super RainbowPanic Blooms

This can never go wrong. Black Moth Super Rainbow. Amazing stuff.

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar SmárasonTeam Dreams

Sin Fang is one of my favorite artists from Iceland, here he teamed up with Sóley & Örvar and release on track a month and collected them into one album.

ChvrchesLove Is Dead

This Scottish band doesn’t need any introduction. Lauren, Iain and Martin has made awesome synthpop since 2011 and still going strong!

The OrbNo Sounds Are Out Of Bounds

Who doesn’t remember “Little Fluffy Clouds” from 1990? I was a bit skeptical to listen to the new The Orb album but it is The Orb at the top.

ionnalee Everyone Afraid to Be Forgotten

Jonna from iamamiwhoami under another alias but with the same sound and awesome songs.

ObjektCocoon Crush

Berlin-based producer Timothy Hertz makes amazing intensive electronic music under the alias Objekt. A must-have! Cocoon Crush…

Tracey ThornRecord

Tracey from Everything But The Girl is back with another solo album and a very electronic one. Awesome!

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