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First Glances – Why Sun

Copenhagen alt-rockers Why Sun recall the heady, late 80s scene of C86 and shoegaze. The trio premiered their single Eastern Love in February having previously built a reputation within the Danish live circuit.

The press release contained very little info. I know the band comprises Rasmus Kjærsgaard Velling, Lasse Skydsgaard Knigge and Julius Emil Brinck but I don’t know who does what role within Why Suns. If indeed Rasmus sings, his is a rich comatose baritone somewhat akin to Matt Berninger on a particularly lazy Sunday. The National man would have to have been in Galaxy 500 though or Field Mice. Why Suns would definitely have been on Sarah Records back in the day.

It’s an interesting enough proposition, I think. Tune into the “sleepy noise” of Why Sun.

Check out Eastern Sun here: