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Dirty Protest at the BBC? Yes we can!

Dear Mr Holland,

First of all, can I welcome you to [sic] Magazine . I hope that you will enjoy your stay. I’ve been a fan of your programme Later With Jools Holland, henceforth referred to as LWJH, for many years, although if I’m honest, in the last few months I’ve slackened off a little. The reason I draw your attention to this article (think of it as an open letter) is that I recently made reference to your show when reviewing up-and-coming rockers, Exit Calm, for this magazine. Such is their talent, I rather foolishly committed myself to a dirty protest in their name at Broadcasting House, should they fail to appear on LWJH within a year of the piece appearing in [sic] . The date was 8th Feb 2008. The clock is ticking. We at [sic] will do our utmost to promote talent. If that means employing unconventional tactics, then so be it. I admit here to knowing very little about the mechanics of a dirty protest, although I’m sure it’s nothing that can’t be accomplished without the aid of a bucket, a pair of marigolds and an enthusiastic colon. If it worked for the IRA, it can work for us. Please note that Exit Calm have had no input regarding this profile-raising exercise and would possibly be embarrassed by the attention. It’s basically just me going off on one.