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The Myrrors – Curved Entrances

Mining desert-psych band The Myrrors’ archive deeper and deeper, Cardinal Fuzz have come back up for air bearing Curved Entrances, two weighty nuggets that tip the scale at a combined 30 minutes. Originally recorded way back in 2014 with a line-up that then included Conner Gallaher, Nik Rayne and Grant Beychau, the Arizona-based band even then were just as comfortable in fret-frenzy battle sequences and dusty fuzz as they were in zen meditation.

Previous archival releases were consequently built on pulsing shuffles, transportative string-drone and ritualistic ragas that inevitably led to blown-out pay-offs; Curved Entrances on the other hand is pure jam. Eighteen-minute monolith “Inscribe The Night” starts as a slowly strummed mosey into the star-strewn hinterlands, tremulous guitar casting mirages in the corners of your eyes as the peyote takes hold. Micro-detail repeats gently ramp up the menace as the drums’ solemn footfall becomes more pronounced like distant thunder rumbling on the horizon. Only a matter of time before the storm breaks, great crashes of guitar noise and protesting feedback flash across the night sky, your only option to seek shelter and marvel at the elemental power of nature and the endless cosmos above it.

The flip is dominated in turn by heavily reverbed strumming that echoes out into the void around splashing cymbals and slabs of totemic guitar noise. Fading out to an improvised sheet of cosmic psych-noise, the hope is only that Cardinal Fuzz don’t delve too deep into these dark, archival tunnels for fear of rousing something ancient from the fiery foundations of the earth.

~Curved Entrances is released 24th May 2019 via Cardinal Fuzz.~