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Confuse The Cat – Kericky

Spaceman: What’s in the player Indie Dad?

Indie Dad: Kericky” by Confuse The Cat. Dutch band recorded in NY.

Spaceman – I know them. Actually they’re Belgian, from the Flemish region. The language is shared but they wouldn’t thank you for calling them Dutch. Then again considering that country’s internal struggles they might not thank me for calling them Belgian either .The name Confuse The Cat comes from Python.

Indie Dad: –The black and white fish eye lens photography shot atop a building (possibly in New York, why waste the trip) is suggestive of U2, as is opener ‘Koi’ but let’s not carp.

Spaceman – (groan)

Indie Dad: Not wickedly unpleasant – but for sure the ghost of Zoo TV is lurking. The vocals (as one might reasonably expect) are accented, the guitar has the patent “serious band” delay to allow the staccato note solos.

Spaceman – This band is highly thought of in Belgium. The press for this latest album has compared it to The Chameleons ‘Script of the Bridge’. I’m lukewarm on that

Indie Dad: Yeah, can’t see Chameleons AT ALL”

Spaceman – the guitars maybe? I hear traces of ‘Monkeyland’ and ‘View from a hill’.

Indie Dad: – Song 2 is ‘Get The Bullets’ and I would! It’s obvious I’m not going to waste my time listening to all of this and a mercy killing is on the cards. ‘Paul’s Eyes’ is better – the guitar more like John McGeoch and therefore slightly off kilter. The portentous spoken vocal sections are just annoying however. I’m not sure I can bring myself to listen fully to the rest but most openings show a guitarist who has sold his soul to the Edge.

Spaceman – Unfair. I think ‘Get the bullets’ is fabulous. It’s true the Edge’s guitar sound has been highly influential. You hear it all over the place. Coldplay, Doves, etc. Is it Confuse the Cat’s fault that it is over-used generally?

Indie Dad: – In case you think I loath U2 – I don’t. But neither do I lick every drip from them like the waters of life.

Spaceman – Me neither but honestly my mind isn’t drawn to U2 listening to this. The frontman is far more art-rock. I think Confuse The Cat are closer in spirit to PIL, Magazine, Wire or even Pere Ubu. If you compare something like ‘Pauls Eyes’ to what Bloc Party or Franz Ferdinand are doing, that’s a fairer comparison for me. And personally I think CTC are much better.

Indie Dad: – Franz Ferdinand ? That’s no recommendation – have you heard ‘Ulysses’?”

Spaceman – Ugh, (rolls eyes) unfortunately yes.

Indie Dad: – ‘Jackal At 10 ‘O Clock’ at least tries to be something apart. An instrumental (other than a bit of vocoded noodling) which helps (I really don’t like any of the vocals) It is pretty much Dub Reggae in a Rock stylee which should be vile (as opposed to Reggae which was never vile, Stephen Patrick) but just about walks the tightrope of good taste.

Spaceman – You don’t like dub/indie crossover? Man! The Clash? Early Police? PIL? I loved that period myself. I wish there was more of this.

Indie Dad: – You misunderstand. I’m saying ‘cod’ reggae from a rock band is horrible but this is a quality effort. I like it. I think this is their ‘Bullet the blue sky’. I like what it’s trying to do. This would be the one to burn if available separately. I don’t really think they’re “indie” though. ‘Yeah Yeah’ is like Underworld before they went dance but the rest is arena rock throughout. 8 minute epic finale ‘Black Birds’ does make a fair grab at my rock ‘nads’ with its immense bass, lack of vocals and pleasing barrel organ finale (how very Belgian)

Spaceman – Underworld used to be rock?

Indie Dad: – Oh yes, think INXS

Spaceman – Christ! But you’re right, the closing track is epic indeed. They’ve shown more than enough variety over this record. I don’t think you’ve given it enough of a chance. Then again, that’s because THEY haven’t done enough to make you want to. A record to divide opinions, certainly.
Score then?

The Indie Dad – 2/10
Brett Spaceman – 7/10