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Hôpital De La Conception – Electric Rockin’ Chair

What’s better than pure guitar-on-guitar action? Nothing but, of course! With this in mind, Electric Rockin’ Chair is an uninterrupted 35-minute, free-form flow that takes no prisoners, all guitar all the time. Led by the mysterious Junk Nurse, Hôpital De La Conception is more Louisiana than it is Louis XIV, a bluesy porch-dwelling freak-out plugged straight into the mains to fry. Swampy strumming gives way to strangled slide and atonal wah, liquid soloing overtaken with noodling layers as the über jam really begins to take hold. Tapping directly into your scrambling synapses, a smear of spartan, near-spoken word descends into guttural chant, wild feedback further scuzzing proceedings up whilst underpinned with a rhythmic chug.

A kind of double-speed take on Dylan Carlson’s head music at this point, side B comes on quick with graunching feedback terrorising the waveform with abject noise, wild whammy indulgence going off like an untamed firehose. Driven ever forward with a motorik groove, this second slab of endurance rock twins its raw garage production with nimble fingers working a few melodies out of the fret to vary the tempo and texture, unadulterated wah otherwise splashing primitive funk onto the canvas too. Every last bent tone and off-notation scrape and pop is eked out of the strings and guitar body, this monolithic listen eventually falling out to fuzzed-out Swans-like intensity to close. When it all gets too much, taking refuge within the walls of the unforgiving Hôpital De La Conception may be a blessing in disguise.

~Electric Rockin’ Chair is released 22nd November 2019 via the collaborative efforts of Cardinal Fuzz, Opaque Dynamo and Feeding Tube.~