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First Glances – Știu Nu Știu

First Glances – Știu Nu Știu

After the demise of ace Swedish post-rock band Jeniferever guitarist Martin Sandström went to live in Romania. He is back now in Stockholm with a handful of new ventures and his own label Widsith Records. We featured one such new band, Drifter in another First Glances feature. Știu Nu Știu is another altogether different undertaking. Where Drifter is poppy and accessible, Știu Nu Știu is heavier and more challenging. This is dark indie rock – sludgy doom metal – the sonic equivalent of finding something rotten in the garden. That sickly sweet smell, the hum of curious insects and the wasted potential of fallen, neglected fruit.

Știu Nu Știu are already up to their third album Sick Sad Love. They describe their music as “what happens when people lock themselves in a small room and try to be human together the only way they know how…. to create music.“ It sounds almost desperate. Are these artists defining their music or themselves?

You’ll decide.

Sick Sad Love is out now on Widsith Records