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Interview – Peter Broderick

With two gorgeous releases in 2008 and seemingly endless collaborations over a frightening number of years considering he is only 22, the musicians favourite Peter Broderick has been dazzling audiences with his live shows and wowing the music press. Si Higgs catches up with him at the final gig of his latest UK tour.

Si Higgs: I first saw you touring with Efterklang with your support set doing strange things to the hairs on the back of my neck. How did you meet the guys from Efterklang?

Peter Broderick: Actually I was just a huge fan of the band and I met them on Myspace! After sending them a bunch of fan mail and my own CD’s, and kind of becoming friends, one day they invited me out of the blue to move to Denmark and join the band! A Dream come true!

SH: As a pianist myself I can hear on all your records that you truly have a love of the piano. As a multi-instrumentalist, is the piano your favourite instrument?

PB: Yes. Playing the piano is the most satisfying of all instruments for me. All I have to do is touch one note and I’m happy!

SH: Some have likened your work to that of Max Richter or Michael Nyman. Whilst such comparisons are well deserved it’s clear to me that your music is not derivative in any way. Despite this, have you been influenced by these musicians?

PB: Definitely. I haven’t heard a ton of Michael Nyman, just a couple of his film scores, but Max Richter was a huge influence for me when I was making my first couple records.

SH: Every time I listen to your music it really fires the imagination, evoking images of beautiful isolated landscapes. I think it would make perfect soundtrack for film. Have you ever considered collaborating with a film maker?

PB: Yes! Actually right now I’m in Ireland on the set of a film for which I am making the score! These kinds of projects seem to be popping up left and right, which I think is fantastic!

SH: That sounds pretty exciting. Are you allowed to say what the film is about or who the director or is that a closely guarded secret?

PB: This film is the first feature film by Irish director Ger Leonard. The working title is “Shelter”, and it’s kind of a bunch of different stories that weave together. And there are a lot of animals in the film. I’d say the animals are just as important as the people. But it’s not talking animals or anything; it’s done in a very realistic manner… And I think that’s about all I can say right now! But I truly believe it will be a beautiful, beautiful film, and I’m honored to be involved!

9bc8dec8f386b0f8fd0b8d5d2c0b8191.jpg” /> SH: ‘Float’ appeared in more than one of the [sic] writers top tens of 2008, a truly wonderful record, although picking one from your releases or collaborations last year was no easy task. Do you have a favourite from your releases of last year?

PB: I don’t really have a favorite from my own. ‘Home’ and ‘Float’ are two very different records, and I think they make the most sense when put side by side. My favorite album from last year was “All Is Well” by Samamidon.

SH: ‘Home’ had more vocal than your previous releases. Was this a conscious decision to add more narrative to your musical imagery?

PB: Yes, I made a rule for myself on this album, that I had to have vocals and guitar on every song, and I wasn’t allowed to use the piano or strings. I felt like I was relying too much on the piano and my violin, and I knew that it had to be possible to make good music without those things. So ‘Home’ was very much an experiment for me, even though it probably sounds like the least experimental thing I’ve done.

SH: There seems to be no stopping you pretty amazing output. What can your fans expect next in 2009?

PB: Well, I’m currently working on my next full-length for Bella Union. I’m making an effort to spend a little more time on this one, so I think it’s safe to say it won’t be released until early next year some time. But in the meantime, I’ll have quite a few smaller releases on various labels. I have a tape cassette called ‘Ten Duets’ being released on Digitalis next month. Type Records will be releasing a collection of old 4 track recordings later this year. I’m working on a collaborative full-length with my friend Machinefabriek. And I have some film score / dance score music that will most likely be released this year as well. So…. A ton of stuff!!

Si Higgs: And more touring?

PB: As far as tour plans go, I’m just about to head out on a full US tour in March. Then in May I’ll be touring in Europe for a month. And I’ll be playing various festivals throughout the year, as well as trying to make it back to the UK for another little tour at some point too! It’s a busy, busy year.

[Sic] would like to thank Peter for taking the time to talk to them and for the truly beautiful show in Brighton. Try and catch him when he returns to the UK later in the year.. You’d be fools not to!