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Eyes Flutter Beneath – Inside The Dream Laboratory

It’s all about sleep and dreams. If that wasn’t blindingly obvious by the name of the artist, album and track titles, then it would certainly be after giving the music a listen.

Eyes Flutter Beneath is the chosen moniker of one Harry Towell who has also recorded as Audio Gourmet. He describes his latest music as bio-drone. It’s certainly music whose function is clearly defined. The five tracks that make up ‘Inside the Dream Laboratory’ are quiet and generally consist of gently unfolding drones or waves of faint and distant synth. In the foreground there are various field recordings, but these have been filtered out until they are mere memories of sound.

The fifth and final track has a slightly ominous hum to it, and some barely audible metallic creaking. It almost feels like it’s something deliberately planted to unnerve the (by now) unconscious mind. The recommendation is to play the album at low volume. The first time I played it I did. Weirdly, I thought it was still going long after it had finished – somehow the drones had become subconsciously imprinted on to my synapses and were continuing to play. That was slightly spooky.

This might be just too minimal for many, but it succeeds admirably to do what it sets out to. ‘Inside the Dream Laboratory’ is available as a free download from Phantom Channel




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