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First Glances – Bear Of Bombay

Italian underground act Bear Of Bombay is the brainchild of one Lorenzo Parisini. Having previously been active in other guises Parisini created the Bear Of Bombay project during last years first covid19 lockdown. As Italy bore that first European brunt of the covid19 pandemic, Parisini was writing his debut EP, Something Stranger.

If this EP is anything to go by, I think we can expect and eclectic mixture of styles from Bear Of Bombay. The title track here is supposed to represent the “journey of a robot man in an intergalactic city”. As we might therefore expect there are topnotes of synth pop. Krautrock is also certainly evident although none of this sounds cold or robotic in any way. Not in Parisini’s hands. In fact there’s a dreaminess to Bear Of Bombay that borders upon psychedelic. As the track ‘Lazy Day’ chugs into gear there are hints of early The The and the abandoned Pornography Of Despair album.

My 2020 was rescued by a number of interesting synth/electro releases. (Please see Scenius, Nature of Language and After Nature) I guess it makes sense with full bands no longer able to rehearse together. Here if you imagine asking Spaceman 3 to make an LCD Soundsystem album, that’s Bear Of Bombay in a nutshell. That plus a sprinkling of Italian lunacy.

I’m in.

The debut EP Something Stranger is out now. It contains five tracks including the promotional single, title track.