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First Glances – JARR

JARR is the collaborative project between yellow6Jon Attwood and Ray Robinson, aka Wodwo.

Perhaps best known these days for his exploratory, ambient minimalism, Attwoods musical career has spanned punk and post-rock and his wide body of work numbers into the three figures, release wise. Robinson is both author and screenwriter but he comes to music more recently as his alias Wodwo, creating naturalistic neo classical pieces.

In 2019 Robinson corresponded with Attwood to show his appreciation for yellow6′ body of work. Robinson volunteered his bass playing should there be any forthcoming yellow6 gigs. Sadly a certain pandemic put paid to any idea of live show. Instead the pair transferred their collaboration to the studio and various rounds of file sharing eventually produced An Echo In Her Skin the pairs first album together.

An Echo In Her Skin feels like a natural fit into both mens back catalogues. The album is by turns, introspective, troubled, dreamy and enveloping. Its title track came to the attention of attention of Hush Hush Records’ founder Alex Ruder and the album gets it release on said label.


In a move reminiscent of the 4AD act M/A/R/R/S the duo named themselves JARR from each of the pairs initials. Let’s hope this collaboration lasts longer than the A.R.Kane/Colourbox one as that descended quickly into a sea of toxicity and writs. Mind you, it did also score a UK Number 1. JARR already feels like a much more comfortable fit.

An Echo In Her Skin is out now on Hush Hush Records. Don’t miss Jons retrospective piece on Bark Psychosis landmark album Hex


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