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Video Watch – Klammer – Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car

Klammer – Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car

After wowing everyone around me with his Scenius project last year, legendary Goth producer Steve Whitfield returns with parent band Klammer. The Leeds post-punk act will release their 4th album The Day Before Yesterday next February. Our first taster comes on this promotional single, ‘Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car’.

Laden with theatrical imagery, ‘Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car’ is a crepuscular proposal. With a title that evokes Bowie, the new song sounds like all of the eighties acts that were influenced by the great man rolled into one. There’s the edgy brooding of The Sound or Gang Of Four, but also the darkly seductive tones of the Banshees and Killing Joke. Guitars flicker and crackle like a campfire casting earie shadows over its uneasy gathering.

The video sees band in clown attire with main vocalist Poss, filtering his proclamations through a ventriloquist’s dummy. There are elements of The Wolfgang Press, The Cardiacs and Grand-Guignol to the performance which remains on the right side of unnerving, have no fear dear reader. (Automatonophobes and coulrophobes excepted.)