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Dryft – From Stasis

Dryft – From Stasis

Dryft is one of at least three recording guises for n5MD record label founder, Mike Cadoo. Mike began his recording career as a member of IDM duo Gridlock before starting the label, named after the 5” mini discs that was the media of choice back then. Throughout n5MD’s duration, Cadoo has also released music as Dryft and is perhaps most widely known as Bitcrush. Why three vehicles? (and counting) Broadly speaking, Gridlock is classic IMD with Industrial leanings, Bitcrush is more post-rocky, with indie and shoegaze influences while Dryft has been the experimental wing.

You can hear this on the latest album. From Stasis is the fourth Dryft long player and it fuses ambient drone with more muscular IDM. In fact, From Stasis does make me think of Gridlock throughout as it stomps and fritzes in a pleasing post-industrial manner. It’s a tough one to truly nail down in fact. Having previously morphed through Drum ‘n’ Bass, Witch House and Drone, Dryft now leverages upon all of its constituent parts. Genres start to become a little irrelevant as we navigate the wintery elegance of ‘Convade’, the transient beauty of ‘Ciade’ and of course the 19 minute epic ‘Contour’. All the track titles begin with a C which befits an album that is all points Cadoo. Dryft, Bitcrush, Gridlock…. its all here. There’s a cinematic feel too that would suit deep space exploration, be it documentary or fiction. Think…heading ‘out there’….’going beyond’. It’s a playlist for the Cassini probe. Hell, there’s even a Spaceman on the cover which I’ve only just twigged. What’s not to like?

Ad Astra then dear reader.
To the stars.



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