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First Glances – Too Much Future

Too Much Future is the new project spearheaded by former Grammatics front man Owen Brinley.

Brinley is a man with a truly arresting vocal. We reviewed Grammatics back in 2009, even going track by track with them. By my reckoning 2009 was [sic] mags year of incarnation as well as Grammatics. Their impressive music, while mathy and challenging at times was elevated by Owens chorister croon. Sadly Grammatics didn’t stay the course. Owen went on to form Department M and now, thankfully Too Much Future.

Too Much Future describe themselves as “a group of disparate musicians from Leeds / Bradford, West Yorkshire.”

Their bio goes on to say:_

“Not many bands decide to record an album before they’ve actually met, but for the two pairs of old friends that comprise of Too Much Future, this is exactly how it played out. In 2016 Owen Brinley had all but decided to give up on music, yet the mind kept turning and bringing new ideas – stripped of any adornment, back to the bare bones. Through the twists and turns of following years and extended battle with chronic pain which informs many of his lyrics, a creative partnership with guitarist and artist Ben Holden was forged. After a long search to complete the line-up, in 2018 they were introduced to drummer Joe Montague and bassist Anthony Ord by mutual friend and producer, James Kenosha.
In the basement studio of an abandoned chapel in Leeds, they arranged their equipment in a circle and set about honing an album of tracks from minute one. When it came to recording, nothing was moved and they cut the album live in that exact formation – with as few takes as possible committed to tape.”

I’ve got to say I’m relieved. In my job I’m privileged to be exposed to a good deal of very nice music. Just occasionally I lift something from the pile and find myself in the presence of something really special. Brinley is just that. Holden too. We shall soon see what awaits us. The debut LP, Stress Majestic is out now, and was preceded by lead track ‘Come Loose’.


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