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[sic] Writer Lists – The Indie Dads Albums of 2021

The Indie Dads Albums of 2021

Who’s your Daddy?
Here, in no particular order, the Indie Dads favourite picks and categories:_

Campaign For Real Indie

BlanketmanNational Trust (they say EP, I say mini album)

There’s A Lot Of Fall Fans Needing A Fix

Dry CleaningNew Long Leg (vaguely familiar, all great)

Punk as

Sleaford ModsSpare Ribs (continuing their not a foot wrong policy)

Amyl & The SniffersComfort To Me (building on first album blueprint to greater heights. “Knifey” anthem of year, sadly)

Rock Out With Your Politics Out

Kid KapichiThis Time Next Year (if only print music weekly’s still about to tout “the Hastings scene”)

Jazz, Baby

Emma-Jean ThackrayYellow (continuing her smooth ascent)

World Beating Beats

MaugliAlba (Latin/German brilliance)

Beauty With Soul

SerpentwithfeetDeacon (loved up delight)

Quirk Out

Tropical Fuck StormDeep States (still trying to get a handle on multi-layered… well,… fuck storm! Feel it might be a masterpiece)

LiceWASTELAND : What Ails Our People Is Clear (creating their own instruments to get an incredible sound pallet. Production perfect)