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Fans create music video with their eyes closed.

Fans create music video with their eyes closed.

Dreampop/post-punk band, Black Swan Lane has somewhat of a cult following. Indeed the old ‘Velvet Underground’ adage applies. BSL may have a small following but everyone touched by the Atlanta act rates them squarely amongst their favourites. Latest album, Blind scored a top five placing in my end of year ‘Albums’ listing. It is far from the only one. Indeed two BSL albums have previously won the coveted top spot and the band seems to be finally getting some traction with other publications.

Last week, showrunner and mainstay Jack Sobel reached out to the hardcore BSL fanbase on social media asking to send in video clips of themselves blindfolded. This, of course, is to promote latest teaser cut and title track from the album, Blind. The results are here for all to see. (pun intended) The video for ‘Blind’ is unveiled below. It’s a novel idea, a fun watch and a terrific song. Do not look for yours truly. True to clas[sic] form, I missed the deadline. No matter, I would only have broken the lens anyway. Half the people appearing are friends of mine while the other half can be classified as frengers (not quite friends not quite strangers, ….thanks Mew) If you took part, kudos to you brothers and sisters. ‘I see you….(insert name)’ as they say on Pandora.

Enjoy BSL. Enjoy ‘Blind’.

You can open your eyes now!
And your hearts.

Blind- album review.