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Scenius- Chinese Room. New single.

[sic] Magazine are delighted to bring you ‘Chinese Room’, the new single by featured artist, Scenius.

Scenius take their inspiration from the synthpop heyday of the mid-eighties as well as the rich experimental period of post-punk that preceded it. We already covered the English/French duo in our First Glances featurette. The debut album Enough Fears scored highly in our recap of 2020. Now the pair are putting the finishing touches upon the follow-up long player, Life Is A Thing, which is slated for release next month.

‘Chinese Room’ follows on the heels of promotional track ‘High Low’. Both songs set the bar extremely high for the forthcoming album. I have heard an advance copy of the album dear reader and, without giving too much away, I can say that … it’s really good!

There you go, have a listen and hopefully spread the word. Scenius are yet another cool but relatively unknown band. We’ll keep finding them and you’ll keep hold of those oh so important bragging rights amongst your friends.

Check out ‘Chinese Room’ (and ‘High Low’) below.

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