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Volksempfänger – Attack Of Sound

Yeah, we’re not gonna get through this one without naming names. Lots of names. Big names. First things first, Volksempfänger are Dutch duo Holly Habstritt and Ajay Saggar (known for his psych-drone project Bhajan Bhoy) and Attack Of Sound is their gorgeous garage/noise-pop debut. But it’s also so much more. The beating heart of Girl Group pop sets the 2-to-3-minute tempo, beehive harmonies running into clouds of dissonance, swirling Velvet Underground inscrutability, and the woozy strains of 60s psychedelia. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Volksempfänger is a Nazi-era people’s radio set. So much more.

What follows is ten impeccable record-collection mash-ups. Stuttering garage-pop thus blurs into hazy Brian Wilson melodies. The reverbed ghost of Phil Spector flutters his lashes at proto-punk noise. Inevitable Jesus & Mary Chain echo drips from iconic sounding surf-cum-post-punk and Wall of Sound drum phrases. Those sweet, swooning vocals bob around in jangling, 2009-era blogosphere lo-fi that bring to mind the very first Best Coast and Vivian Girls 7”s, woozy feedback adding a shoegaze edge to dreamy patterning and riptide kosmische. Smothered in love, Volksempfänger unleash an Attack Of Sound that suffocates you in its warm embrace.

Best track: “How We Made It Seem”

~Attack Of Sound is released January 26th via the collaborative efforts of Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records.~