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Scenius – I Want More

Scenius – I Want More

Synth/post-punk darlings Scenius return with latest single I Want More. Scenius is the Franco-UK combination of Fabrice Nau and Steve Whitfield. Their own unique brand of dark, seductive synthpop found its way to [sic] towers as early as 2020. Since then both their albums have featured in the Editors annual round up.

The new song is a standalone release having not featured on the previous album. Most notably it is a cover of the legendary krautrock act CAN. I Want More originally appeared on CANs 1976 album Flow Motion. As we might expect Scenius infuse their version of the classic song with all manner of crisp, snappy synth sounds. The expected motorik stomp is present but there’s a notable emphasis on melodics. In fact the melody is so sweeping that I Want More would not sound out of place on any of OMDs comeback-era albums. Where the Merseysiders nod most obviously toward Kraftwerk, Scenius are clearly acknowledging those other German pioneers. Of course the release is given added poignancy after the sad passing of Damo Suzuki.

Any notion of darkwave gives way to the dance-floor on I Want More. This is a sparkling interpretation. These Scenius guys are infectious. I, as they say, ‘want more’ of this.



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