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The Blamers – Class Living

Rudimentary Sydney four-piece, The Blamers, are on a mission to strip garage-rock back to its bare-bones. And these no messin’, no frills, proto-punk enthusiasts are living on the edge, running from the cops in fast cars alongside even faster women. Just check out some of the track names for an idea of what’s going on: “Runnin’ On Empty”, “All Bark, No Bite”, “Risk Kiss” (“My lips / Your lips / Risking my life for a kiss.”)

Led by Nick Nuisance and Isobella Grist, the underproduced Class Living is The Blamers’ debut album, drums seemingly battered out on damp cardboard boxes, the muffled vocal still capturing Grist’s incendiary, sweet-and-sour storytelling. Inevitably, perhaps, there’s a nod to Amy Taylor of Amyl & The Sniffers as she launches into the ass-kickin’, sex-positive pub-rock that follows, the primitive first-guitar-and-amp set-up maximised by mini skirts and whirlwind hooks.

Class Living is no knuckle-dragging blast from the past however nor a snotty throwaway; it’s arch in its biting simplicity, a tongue-in-cheek admiration for the source material running through the likes of The Zombies, The Runaways, and The B52s, and on to the latter-day Ian Svenonius project Chain & The Gang.

The repartee between Nuisance and Grist duly sizzles and on album highlight “Dead City” the bass and guitar fuzz are tight AF while Grist charms with a delightful sneer (“Walking through the streets, got my heart in your hand / What more could a girl ever want in a man?”). Class Living is a record primed to blow, but overall it lacks enough spark to truly go.

Best track: “Dead City”

~Class Living is released March 8th 2024 via Agitated Records.~