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Charles Moothart – Black Holes Don’t Choke

A pillar of the garage-rock/punk community, the hardworking roadman, Charles Francis Moothart, is dead. Long live CFM, the multi-instrumentalist equal! Black Holes Don’t Choke may be Moothart’s first solo album under his full name, but the man has serious history. A member of (deep breath) The Epsilons, the Ty Segall Band, Mikal Cronin’s band, FUZZ, The Moonhearts, Culture Kids, and GØGGS, not to mention the three full-band albums he’s released under the initialism CFM, Moothart may not have written the book, but he (under)studied it so well that he’s now helping write the sequel.

Putting all his ideas since the last CFM record back in 2019 into Black Holes Don’t Choke, this is a satisfying if not frequently spectacular album that sounds almost exactly as expected. All the same, Moothart does draw from a wider range of influences this time around – bluesey, early 70s, southern rock stomps adding texture, and electro-fired, cosmic funk (no, really) depth.

Sequencing smoky, psychedelic jamming and organ-inspired 60s melodies in between thick streams of riffs, crunchy guitars and chewy fuzz, Black Holes Don’t Choke is consequently more than just sludgy soloing, rolling drums, and marauding bass tones. The title track, for example, drops the tempo for a mic’ed up, acoustic freak-folk meander that provides the room for breathy Beatles influences to rise elsewhere, but Moothart undeniably remains at his best when cranking it loud.

Accordingly, he teases first with the stoner-rock neck-popper “Anchored And Empty”, before unleashing the clattering, hot-and-heavy “Clock Rats”, a Sabbath-inspired, garage-punk ripper delivered with a sneer that rivals anything he’s ever worked on before. The man doesn’t just have serious history; the man is making history right now.

Best track:
“Clock Rats”

~Black Holes Don’t Choke is released March 8th 2023 via In The Red.~