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HEALTH – Die Slow

Previous experience of HEALTH comes via an unheralded slot at Rough Trade East with Crystal Castles in 2007 and the purchase of the excellent DIY CD they were hawking at same. The Kraut Rock improv on display had me mighty impressed (and slightly deafened). This is less experimental as they take a jam and make it into a glacial floor filler of massive proportions. This is just waiting for student discos to take it to their bosom. This will be the HEALTH breakthrough as sure as eggs is eggs and easily lend itself to a remix that will further its globe conquering potential.

If you like Holy Fuck it comes from a similar head space but also puts me in mind of Consolodated/Helmet/Cop Shoot Cop if they had had some funk. The choral vocals sound like the ghosts of the Residents, they glide ethereally round synth and guitar clanging like the tea cups of the Gods. It ends too soon but the 12” can take care of that. Label details for this are inconclusive – could be No Pain In Pop.



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