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Kingbastard – Tied Up To Machines

Short and sweet, the new mini album by Kingbastard is a brew of skewed beats and primary coloured melodies. Most of the tracks have a bounce and zest to them, ranging from the big beats of opener “Boombox” to the Casiotones of “The Captcha”. Brevity is the name of the game – even the eight minute closer is actually two tracks rolled into one.

“4M813N7RK” adds a gentle interlude of delicate drones before “The Secret Life of Machines” leaps in, borne aloft on a clatter of daisywheel printers and other assorted office ephemera. “Say When” starts with a zip of angular beats before it morphs into a Lemon Jelly-ish stew of garbled soft-rock, scratching and acoustic guitar loops. The untitled coda is a delightful Super Mario type melody that just stays the right side of cheesiness.

Tied Up to Machines sounds like it was a lot of fun to make. It’s certainly a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s frothy and has a spring in its step, but is a long way from being self-consciously wacky. Definitely one worth seeking out – it’ll be out on April 27th.



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