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Lorna – Writing Down Things To Say

If Nottingham band Lorna had existed twenty years ago, no one would have batted an eyelid if you’d said they were a side project by the members of The Field Mice. For it is with this group that Lorna share a love for sensitive folk-tinged indie, yearning vocals and romantic ideals. Their third album is another lovely whisper of a record, which has a comforting warmth and melodic flair to it.

Bookended by two straight folk numbers, ‘Writing Down Things To Say’ actually contains a few surprises. In fact Lorna are best when they do take risks. ‘Not In My Lighthouse’ features the vocal harmonies of husband and wife team Mark Rolfe and Sharon Cohen-Rolfe at their most aching but also makes clever use of light electronica. Yet better still is ‘(I Wish I Knew) How To Build A House’; here the couple again team up perfectly on a song which captures innocence and wonder but without ever sounding cloying; not bad for a track which is based on a Stereolab-esque drone.

At other times, Lorna are merely inoffensive and pleasant; the countrified ‘Mostly Good Times’ and ‘Monsters Are Forever’ being solid but inessential album tracks. Nevertheless the steady percussion employed on ‘East Of The Stars’ reveals they are, above all. masters of subtlety.

Overall, ‘Writing Down Things To Say’ is a good example of the slow-core sound. Although it lacks originality and there are times when the music wafts away in the background, it maintains a high quota of tunes and warmth. It is these kind of skills which show why Lorna have forged a loyal following over the last decade; consistently delighting their fanbase with each new release.



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