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What’s Going On?

There’s so much music going around these days that it’s hard not to develop vertigo trying to keep track. You can’t move for video hosting sites, labels, free downloads, streaming sites and pop-up adverts on myspace.

Here, [Sic] Mag attempts to make sense of it all, as Marvyn Gaye once sang – ‘What’s Going On?’

Spinlords of Spintania
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There’s a five track sampler available through our favourite free-thinking collective Foetal Orange featuring the excellently-titled Spinlords of Spintania . This record has charmed the pants off of me, like a smooth-talking lothario wooing an inebriated bar-fly. The Spinlords peddle a quirky Classic/Prog style of Rock, though are not averse to throwing in bit of funk, death metal percussion and space-rock weirdness for good measure. There are even twin guitar solos, kazoos and Barrett-esque psychedelic whimsy. A potent string to their bow comes in the shape of a vocalist with a range that could even make Jeff Buckley blush and while the guitars may worship of the altar of Jimmy Page (not a bad thing I may add), The Spinlords sound is very much their own.

Like what you hear from the sampler? Then buy a copy of the CD from the band, costing just £6.




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Recently, we reviewed Perlieu’s frost-bitten ‘Bloom’ and he’s back for more at [Sic] Towers, with the mesmerizing ‘Reflective Guitar’ EP offering a different slant on the sonic explorations of Adam W Flynn.

Like Ronseal this 4-tracker does exactly what it says on the tin, shimmering guitar experimentation with particular emphasis on delayed harmonics and shape-shifting tones. I’d imagine this would be a perfect accompaniment to watching a sunset. There’s an almost orchestral feel to pieces such as the tolling Part 1, or indeed, Part 2 which takes on the form of a grand cathedral-esque drone. Part 4 impresses too, utilising peaceful acoustic guitar meanderings tangling lazily with discordant found sounds.

A download of this will set you back just £1 and is available from Flynn’s own Parasomniac Inc. imprint.


The Caribbean Vs Scott Solter

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Hidden Shoal has had a busy start to 2009, what with the Hotels and H. C-B records, and they’re showing no sign of wilting under such a furious pace. The Caribbean is next in line for the Perth-based imprint, in collaboration with Scott Solter (of The Balustrade Ensemble fame and producer for Indie alumni including The Mountain Goats, Okkerill River and Spoon ).

On the forthcoming ‘Scott Solter Repopulates the Caribbean’, the in-demand technician squashes, fizzes, melts, bends and completely deconstructs 5 tracks from The Caribbean’s discography into something completely new. The kaleidoscopic ‘Do You Believe in Dinosaurs (Scott Solter Mix)’ is one such cut, lifted from the dazzling record where sheer pop-bliss meets total studio wizardry.


Under The Spire Records

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Little in the way of free downloads or, indeed, music here…. Yet! But more of a heads up on a promising label taking shape in Wales. Run by a fine chap called Chris, Under The Spire is promisingly developing into a boutique imprint to end all boutique imprints. The likes of Peter Broderick, Forestflies, Zelienople, Animal Hospital, Jasper Tx and The Fun Years are all tentatively penciled in to make an appearance in the not-to-distant future on Under The Spire. Definitely worth keeping an eye on this fledgling label.


Video of the Week : Port-Royal