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FKT – God Bless

Many female fronted bands come to mind listening to (the female fronted ) FKT. I don’t imagine they would like most of them. Toyah, Ghostdance, Bjork, Catatonia frankly (if briefly) on occasion. We need an aggressive female-lead band at the moment and I had hopes FKT might be it. Well, not yet certainly. This appears to be an independent product so they can’t blame record company tampering for the softness of the sound. Several tracks seem to include Drum & Bass backing as a substitute for real aggression. When they don’t try so hard – No Answer for instance – they sound like a quality Alt. Pop act. Somewhere between Republica and Cities In Dust era Banshees (which I imagine is more what they’d wish to achieve). Hug Me again is slow and works like Sugarcubes or 4AD acts, this more dreamy style better suits Michela Crociani’s vocal which are – to my mind – too pretty for the would be “blast off” of stuff like I Don’t Know Were I Am.

Covering any Joy Division is an error for any slightly dark band but covering Transmission is bloody pointless – at least choose something relatively unknown outside fans. That said it’s not a bad version – glacial vocals with glitchy backing. But you have to do something pretty amazing to approach this song and it smacks – rightly or wrongly – of searching for a quick hit. They obviously have a sense of humour (Errata Porridge?!) and naming their flickr and YouTube accounts FKTpostpunkband. If God Bless is, as I think a funny title, (sounds doomy and Goth but say it in a George Formby voice and it’s not far from “Turned out nice again”) then FKT have enough in the credit column to be improving on this album. Currently they fall between two stools.



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