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2 big freebies this month for the sinister masses – The Horrors (love ‘em) and Marilyn Manson (actually still love ‘im, sorry). Because I have rules for this round up and that means free MP3 you can take anywhere/do anything with. Not just download to your computer to listen on. So go elsewhere for The Horrors, several no doubt superb ones from WARP records and others too numerous and annoying to mention. Everything here is fully downloadable, music of a fine quality, turned beautifully on the wheel of endeavour for your listening pleasure. Plus there’s a great big ‘fuck off’ 40-minute mix. Now that’s value for (no) money.

Filthy Dukes – Light Skips Across Heart

Filthy Dukes
Starting like a bastard disco Son of New World Man by Rush this is SO on trend. A hint of 80’s Rock, a pinch of Rave, and a vocal so up front and polished it could be (bleugh!) The Script. Which all sounds pretty horrific but works like a charm. It may not age well but right now it’s reaming the zeitgeist good and proper.


Kruger Magazine Singles Club Tin Can Telephone – Recycling Is Cool/Everything’s Alright Forever

Feel free to raid previous (free) Kruger singles while you’re there but this is my intro. Tiger Force were one of my favourite Indie bands of the last 5 years, something about them screamed outsiders – but like The Wedding Present, say, not Goths. If they have bitten the big one I must console myself with the pretty fantastic spin-off from guitarist. There were a couple of great TCT tracks downloadable from Myspace (just before they stopped downloads) that I believe you might find on last.fm. They were a little more emotionally fragile than these, none-the-less these are fine – and more commercial too. Recycling… is a Pop thrill that deserves maximum hits. Everything’s Alright Forever is more removed from his past. Although it is blackly humorous it is more like Frank Turner or even Jack Penate in need of Prozac.


Double helping of Poptones freebies to plug 2 albums, new ones from the following…

And What Will Be Left Of Them – “L’amour Violent”

…is speed racer power pop for fans of The Primitives and many other excellent Femme fronted groups of the 80s. Could do with some more grit for my tastes but it packs, if not a punch, a slap.


Brontosaurus Chorus – Love Is The Path To Self Destruction

Bronto Chorus
…is a more complete pleasure, fiddle driven so inviting comparison with The Arcade Fire but without their ‘head up arse’ annoyance. They also have tracks on a very good split 7” on the ever mental Filthy Little Angels label. Worth noting that label practically floats on giveaway downloads.


The Sleeping Years – Human Blues (Elite Barbarian remix).

Sleeping Beauties?
I have previously admired The Sleeping Years but found the material a little too cultured for my pallet. This remix takes the high vocal style and shift it too a more alien landscape of electronic sound and fully hits the mark.


Themselves Mix

The bargain of the bunch for your virtual dollar is the 40 odd minutes of mix from Themselves – hip-hop slow and dark with a redeeming (in the religious rather than musical sense) light reminiscent at the beginning of Yello.


And lastly and largest We’re From America – Marilyn Manson.

It was a safe bet with that title it would be a stadium rocker listing America’s failings in ironic fashion – Born In The U.S.A with no possible chance of the rednecks singing along. If McCain had won this would be one to sing from the barricades. With Barack on the throne it’s shooting fish in a barrel and it says a lot about my inability to grow up that I still enjoy the finger to The Man pose. Starting with “We’re from America where we eat our young” he gets in a gag “We’re from America where they let you cum on faces”. Of course with him it could be “faeces”. There’s plenty to yell along with – “God is an excuse, God is an excuse…”, “I’m in recovery, I’m in recovery… from America”. About as shocking as Ronald MacDonald but at least he’s OUR clown.


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