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Wild T & the Spirit – Fender Bender

Please note these self preserving acts were of noble commission.

Ours is a hearty crew but, with one man missing and backs against endless fall, these cliffs of white quickly lose their welcoming attraction. Throbbing pain from unfired blade briefly tears me to ponder the quick release jagged rock below might bring. At my fellow corps of courage found, each easily worth ten of theirs, by the score these clearers of brush attack.

My missing page of Napoleon complex shows his welcomed mealy face. With no defined Field Marshall he fires up our giant sound machine, docketed by him alone before scaling death’s taxing threat, and in last recourse a cappella piece by ‘Yoko Ono’ is locked and loaded. We all, but the most experienced and sophisticated, fasten ear protection. My one good eye signals squire, and most competitive and resourceful page triggers weapon’s wrath. The savages scatter as fodder to distant forest.

Quickly setting unwanted spoil aflame, surrounded by pitch black now, we warm from badly needed cauterizations. Rifling through to prize is our aim. Weapon fierce and glorious now simply offers campfire’s amusement with another disk of light found. Our future scars begin to take early salve.

‘Fender Bender’ is the bounty and ‘Wild T & the Spirit’ is the nurse. My second in command, quickly brought to correction regarding his comprehension of ‘Wild T’, mistakenly references brew’s narcotic potion. To save embarrassment’s scarlet face, I quickly animate my eye at crew with reminiscent prose of personal audience with this musical artist of amazing play.

This trio of voice, lead guitar, bass and drum with studio keyboard is a delivery system with tremendous wallop and show. Blues guitar driven rock of humor and story is this band’s instrument. The ring leader, ‘Tony Springer’ is a master string man who has played for ‘David Bowie’ and toured with names such as ‘Bon Jovi’ and ‘Deep Purple’. With a mixture of cover and mostly authentic piece, this chameleon offers songs tasting of many popular bands, while always sounding wholly original. One friend, with widest of eyes in a most intimate of venues, proclaimed “This is the closest we will ever come to Hendrix again!”

‘Wild T & the Spirit’ carries a tight expression of riot and rhythm, which translates to their cd offerings. This is their fifth album, which is again not hot off the press but easily worth attention. With song titles such as ‘My Next Ex-Wife, Finders Keepers, Twilight Zone and Now & Zen this band of rogues keeps things lyrically light hearted. Thirteen tracks and all stay true to the vein from which they came.

Having a giant sound machine of my own, I can not help but rate production quality when enjoying such catchy fun. Audiophiles may yearn for the most inner of details, but normal human ears will revel in warmth and extended frequency. His masterful grip of blues and rock is not to be taken lightly, yet this is a boisterous and celebratory program none the less. This is a man of more than adequate voice, listenable lyric and far beyond typical guitar virtuosity.

Blues is a ply that can not be mastered without feel and soul. I have heard amazing and blazing guitar work that left me feeling without spirit, because technique alone was considered paramount by the artist, but certainly not here. Mine is not a detailed and analytical critic. I listen and feel, I feel and I write. Like the aroma of a favorite pizza parlor, some of these tracks bring back tangible memories of uncontrollable smile and dizzying rains of accomplished performance. I promise, if you enjoy the kind of blues infused rock that unpretentiously entertains, this is a piece you will take to heart.

Shining disk of azure and hard white has brought much needed elixir to this gang of tattered tilters. After several plays we talk of lost love and distant shores of loves waiting. Before sun up, we must rope that descent to anchor’s awaiting ride. With skeleton crew to bank on victorious warriors sleep, in healing sling, under deck’s salty slip. Dreams of future song’s adventures bring waves of anticipated sonic vista. While in hazardous transit, we all greed that the only rock found now is of silvery flan.