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Aerosol – airborne

A rasher of Danish electronica from Rasmus Rasmussen, formerly of Morr Music act, Limp. I guess like many of us, my first introduction to the Morr label was as a direct result of the Slowdive tribute album Blue Skied an’ Clear. Thank heaven for that release as it truly opened a door for electronica, nu-gaze acts. These artists included Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Lali Puna and the aforementioned Limp who provided an intriguing version of ‘Souvlaki Space Station’ as well as their own ‘Silent Running’.

Where does Aerosol sit among such luminaries? Seamlessly and fittingly alongside, I’m pleased to report, although doubtless a little innocuously for some tastes. The music is light, hazy indietronica. There is nothing edgy or gritty about airborne. ‘Dreams Flow Wide’, ‘Sleepy Sunset’. – it does pretty much what the songtitles might lead us to expect it to do. And it does it very well. Where Aerosol could do more is perhaps in the area forging his own unique identity. Too often airborne adopts the centre position within its genre and starts to sound a little overfamiliar.

Overall the record deserves the thumbs up. Five or six years ago airborne might have stunned us all in that its nine tracks are all top quality. No filler, no dross and with a peach of a standout track in ‘Let the seasons drift’, a lounge-ish take on the influential, post-rock act Bark Psychosis.

Thankfully this record isn’t over sugary. (Maps, Ulrich etc take note) Sure airborne is a little bass-shy as my habitually humming walls could attest to. But it isn’t too high-end or sappy either. This stuff could work well with visuals or with vocals. I’m not convinced he’ll get noticed otherwise. Taken hermetically it’s a strong offering that is probably half a decade or so too late to get the pulses really racing.