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Sukilove – Static Moves

A well as being frontman for Sukilove, Pascal Deweze is a member of at least five other bands in his native Belgium. Yet although names like Mitsoobishy Jackson and Chitlin’ Fooks sound intriguing, I must confess I hadn’t heard of any of them. There was no need to worry though, Sukilove subvert pop and rock music in a not dissimilar way to their equally brilliant countrymen dEUS.

‘New Beginning’ strides out confidently with psychedelic rock and 1970’s power pop being driven through a modern alternative filter. Pascal Deweze proves himself to be not only a great songwriter but also a great singer, easing between Thom Yorke melancholia and 1980’s AOR for the glorious mood swings of ‘4 AM’. Other delights are the Pet Sounds-indebted ‘Sugareyes’, a Bond-theme worthy single named ‘Choose Yr Gods’ and the soulful ‘Contemplaying’. Only the unnecessarily lengthy ‘Fear’ spoils an otherwise enjoyable party.

Sukilove pack their songs with ambitious arrangements and off-kilter hooks. It is to their credit that eight years into their career, they are a band to get genuinely excited about.



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